Professional Graphics and Video Playout Software

Plays simultaneous layers of dynamic graphics, videos and images in real-time for all broadcast, show, event and signage needs. Supports multiple inputs and outputs of both SD and HD to HD-SDI, HDMI and/or computer screens with key/alpha, including SDIembedded audio. Comprehensive protocol allows for automated operation or manual control from any platform. Wide codec support including ProRes, DNxHD and DVCPROHD for both playback and rendering to disk. High-performance with asynchronous and multi-threaded I/O and paired with GPU-accelerated real-time image adjustments and composting with blend modes.

A typical computer running the OnAirFx Server software can simultaneously play back several 1080p50 videos with embedded alpha and audio together with several layers of dynamic text and graphics to multiple outputs such as screens and projectors. Add one or more pro video cards for live video/audio input(s) and output(s) to SD/HD-SDI.

  • Powerful gapless multi-format, multi-compression playout engine.

  • Items with different resolution, frame rate, compression format and container can be played out from a single playlist.

  • On-air playlist editing.

  • Playout of live streams as playlist items.

Minimized latency and improved stability

MetaGraphic is a GPU-based rendering engine that produces broadcast quality 3D text & 24bit true color graphics with alpha channel (RGBA) in real-time. No matter what combination of videos, Flash files and images you are using, MetaGraphic offers an unlimited number of 3D items/graphics that can be animated by moving, rotating, changing color and transparency. Multiple in-built real-time effects can be used for graphics and text providing an optimal visual appearance. De-interlacing and anti-flicker display options guarantee proper output of images and live video. The engine offers Anti-aliasing for TrueType fonts and Anisotropic Filtering for images profiting by GPU

  • Easy creation of 3D graphic templates

  • User-friendly interface with easy to use ‘drag and drop’ options.

  • Real-time graphics including crawls, rolls, and tickers

  • Inbuilt key-frame based animation effects for rich looking 3D text and logos

  • Powerful 3D character and text with format options like underline, shadows, normal, bold, italic, highlight, expand, compress, rotate, transparencies, border etc

  • Allow creation of multiple layers and multi-line text on a single page

  • Support most of the available file formats including TGA, JPEG, BMP, TIFF etc animation and video file formats.

  • Supports Unicode fonts and all MS fonts

  • Real-time editing that enables making last minute changes without disturbing other templates


With expertise in the field of CATV software and networking, the company has been providing the required software solutions for MSO & LCO in Telangana & AP.