MovieMagiX OnAir

Description: You can use this software product to run your personal movie channel. You don’t need to put much effort to run 24x7 movie channel, just copy your programs like movie, spot ads, episode/serials, songs etc into your computer hard drive and schedule copied programs in our software as per date and time.

The server automatically picks the programs according to date and time and plays. Even you don’t need to cut your movie, episode/serials into tracks to play spot ads in between movie and episode/serials, it’s automatically pause current running programs at the time of spot ads and continue the program after running scheduled spot ads. It’s automatically display coming up program trailer, today/tomorrow attraction, current running program’s flap, channel Montez, movie promo and etc. It automatically picks songs from the scheduled song’s categories according to day and time and plays them as filler whenever there is a time gap in-between two consecutive programs.

If you have a big length program (A program that is in many CD’s and the duration of the program is more) and you want to play this program as a 30 minute series on selected days than you don’t need to cut this program into 30 minutes tracks, you just define/schedule this program in the software to play on selected days at a specified time for defined duration, it automatically divides program into logical tracks. You can schedule overlay (two layer scrolling in multicolor multi font with animated still/video strip, sponsor logo with scrolling text, channel logo, etc) according to current running program.


With expertise in the field of CATV software and networking, the company has been providing the required software solutions for MSO & LCO in Telangana & AP.